Our New Bike 🚲 Wheels For Mom And Dad πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨

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This is our new bike. My dad bought it near our old place. It is expensive. We have about one month. Enjoy my post well.🀑

Our New Bike

It's made from metal. My dad rides it every day to the shop. I love to ride the bike but it is very hard to ride. My dad rode it with my mom more than ten times. My mom rode it one time. My dad rode it back where we bought it because there is a problem.

He rode it for about one hour. @FaustoFraser and @RafaelChan delivered it for us. It is our first bike in Suriname. It is a bit big for me but I still can ride it anyway. I never ride a bike for a long time. My sister said she wants a bike too but she doesn't know how to ride a bike anyway.


In this picture my dad drove with my mom. I also send it to my grandma. She wants a picture of my dad drove with my mom. My sister tried to get the bike too but she is too slow and my dad drove away.


This one my sister tried to catch me. My sister also races with me. She won for the first time but the second time I won. The first time it is a bit hard. The second time it is much easier.


I was always tired when I drove the bike. My legs are so tired. I feel like my legs are hold fifty kg of rocks or something else. I don't like it but it is good for me. It is also good for my health.


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Monkey B

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Wow I am so happy for your new bike. I know your legs can get tired but the more you do it the less tired they get.

Enjoy my friends!

Thank you so much @carolynstahl. I think you are right.

Some days we will buy one for you!

Maybe, I can buy one for me and monkey B.

Looks you guys all had so much fun!!!!! I see there is even a seat in the front! Awww I’m so happy for you guys!

Yes, there is one but I don't know if it a seat or just to put something on it.

Nice one...looks like a solid bike.

Thank you so much @luca1777. Yes, I think so. My dad knows more about bikes but not me.

Learning about bikes is easy, and a lot of fun. When you get a flat tire, ask your dad to show you how to patch it. That's the first step in fixing bikes, and that's how many bike fans realized that working on bicycles is actually not very difficult.

You just ride it πŸ˜‰
Have fun,keep your balance and take the corners/curves early & easy...
..especially when it's raining and the road is wet.

It was nice to hear about your families new bike😎 I hope it makes life even more happy for you than it already is with such a loving family.

Thank you so much. Yes my family is happy to have a new bike. I wish you will always happy.


That's a cool looking bike. I've never seen one with this type of frame, but I kinda like the bent double pipe.

Thank you so much @stortebeker. Me too I never this kind of bike before I have this.