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RE: Dear Hive, we need to start being more critical about Proposals.

in The City of Neoxianlast year (edited)

I agree with your sentiments. This is all very new, but I am hopeful we can get there in time. This was posted by @taskmaster4450 earlier today.

It is good to see the distribution continue to flatten with time. The stake of the wider community continues to grow in relation to that of the established whales. In time the collective power of the community can be brought to bear to reduce the influence of individual actors, the plutocracy, or whatever you want to call it.

In the meantime, the wider community must be vigilant in terms of holding this small group accountable, but at the same time providing incentive for continued progress.


Unfortunately, power it never given away.
How many accounts are held by the same people - seemingly 'redistibuting it', but not in the slightest.
Oligarch are gonna oligarch, its baked in.

Just look at the auto voting. 100's and 100's on autovote giving big payouts on every postto the same people, for producing boring, monotonous, drivel. (I also produce lots of silly drivel, but that's not the point)

boring, monotonous, drivel

How I so want to name names!