The Tale Of Ciara - The End

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Ciara was a child who wasn't worried and aware of her awkward physical defects. No matter the nutritious meal she ate provided by her loving parents she remained a skinny girl. This assumption of having a physical defect was not diagnosed by the family doctor; rather it was a mental picture brewed in the mind of Fred and Mary.

Both parents assumed maybe the premature birth tampered with one of her hormones but not knowing that such a skinny trait was inherited by the residing gene of Mary's skinny grandfather who died quite at an early age during his time. Bless his soul. Ciara's health was stable, the doctor persuaded her parents to remember to be calm in the face of her physical appearance as it was genetic with no complications and it was possible for her to gain more weight as she grew older. Later on the matter of her appearance fizzled away from debate and discussion. They accepted her looks like that.

Aside from the skinny looks of Ciara, she was damn brilliant. Her I.Q was on a degree of an omniscient sage. She took after her paternal grandpa who was an ingenious petroleum engineer in his career. The grandfatherly trait of a genius was obvious in her. It was undisputed. She excelled in her academics and because of this she made more friends and became the captain of her class. As each academic session came and went, Ciara won different awards. She made her parents proud likewise her grandparents too.

As a brilliant child, few of her classmates in school envied her. They envied how she answered her assignments correctly, how she responded to questions in class, how her teacher liked her more as a favorite student; because of this two of her classmates connived to bully her. Little Ciara had the chance to put an end to this when it first started since her parents were wealthy and since she was her teacher's favorite as it is a matter of fact best to stop nonsense when it begins but because she was gentle in heart and spirit she decided to endure their folly not knowing it was later going to affect her mindset about how she was born.

She endured the bully, she kept it to herself, even her elder brother who was in the same school with her was left in the dark. She didn't fancy involving her brother who doesn't tolerate rubbish; he was fond of reporting such nuisance to the school owner, his teacher or his parents. Ciara felt she could use her meekness to change the hearts of her bullies but the more she endured their bullshit the more the later effects brewed in her. Then the thoughts that never had grounds in her heart began to bang at the door of her mind with different questions. Ciara began to question her Creator, she began to question her appearance, she began to flip in and out into a countenance of sadness and ungratefulness as what had kept her cheerful was the survival story of her premature birth and infant pictures her mother secretly shared with her in one of their vacations.

Then one day when she was coming back from school with her elder brother as their international school was a stone throw away from their house. The way home was a busy trunk road where few commercial bus and private cars passed. While trekking down home; that was how a sudden wind blew vehemently in their direction and flinged skinny Ciara into the left part of the road where an incoming motorcycle was hammering at full speed. The cloud was dark, there was a sign of the rain coming but Ciara and her brother didn't understand why the weather changed so fast and why wind of that nature blew into their direction.

Now, Ciara was in front of an incoming motorcycle who couldn't reach for the brakes, in that split-seconds of a likely accident, another wind blew again and flinged her away into the gutter at the other end of the road, saving her from an accident that could have ended her life. The wind caused the whole issue of putting her life at risk and saving her life from the same risk but nature wanted to teach her a lesson that even if she had skinny appearance and less weight; her physical appearance was an added advantage to be proud of.

She got home that day, let go of the negativity her bullies slowly introduced into her mind and began to embrace her physical appearance like an Olympic gold medal for it saved her life.

The end.

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