The Tale Of Ciara

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Fred and Mary were two couples that married in their late 30's. Fred came from a wealthy home with his father a renowned petroleum engineer and his mother a professor of accounting department designated with the highest position as a senior staff in the university setting.

Mary, whose parents were in the middle class, had been friends with Fred's parents for a very long time. Both maternal and paternal parents have been friends since early childhood days. So it was easy to consent to the marriage of Fred and Mary as both individuals fell in love from the strangest of strange places.

Marital life was easy and smooth. Fred got all the support he could ever need to have a successful career; the same went for Mary. When their first offspring was born the gender was a male child. It was a beautiful moment in their life.

The fruit that proceeded out of their loins was so precious that they had a gigantic naming ceremony. The parents of both couple couldn't hide the joy they felt and cherished when the title of a "Grandma and Grandpa" will be added to their status. It was joy imaginable that the celebration was a mighty feast that rounded up with a cost of $5,000,000.

Popular broadcast stations were invited on that eventful day to come cover the party and broadcast on their respective station. The cost of this party almost went into the Guinness book of records as the highest amount of money ever to be spent on a naming ceremony but it didn't as the figure of cost was two times short from the family with the current record holder.

Life was always at the pinnacle of wellness in the marriage of Fred and Mary. They were blessed beyond measure. They were prosperous In all they did; in their career, marriage, individually, socially, financially, mentally and spiritually. But later on, then came an issue of another fruit; a second child.

They were elated when the doctor confirmed Mary was bearing another child. The scan revealed the baby to be a girl. It was the greatest news that befell them as their wish was granted. They wanted a male and a female child.

Sadly, something strange happened prior to the birth of their second child; she was born prematurely at the age of seven month. But before her premature birth while still in conception, both couples had already decided and gave her a name, they gave her the name of Mary's grandmother who died after both couples got married, she was motherly to the core that they both promised to honor her by naming their daughter Ciara.

Ciara came into this world with a fragile baby structure. The doctor didn't know why things got complicated and why the due pregnancy duration of 9 months didn't follow the script of nature.

Mary herself was certain that her ante natal and body system was in good shape but this is life anyways. She had to agree to fate, conceding that life wanted Ciara to see the world earlier than the due date. Ciara was under good medical care until 9 months. The hospital had the finest doctors in town.

Seven years after baby Ciara scaled through the age of infancy into early childhood, she began to show some awkward physical development and growth. The puzzling part of her life story to embrace her physical defects began the day it saved her life.

To be continued…

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