The legend of Jupiter Kingdom

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In a time of peace where many nations and lands flourished in the prosperity of law and order. There existed a kingdom who had the strictest rules and laws that made them the most wealthiest and prosperous nation there is to ever be. In this era, the system of national development and growth was in a time before remembering.

The key to new heights dwelled in the degree of how the inhabitants obeyed the laws that governed the sovereignty of the land. The earth was mystical and magical. It gave more fruitfulness and richness to the best kingdom with the highest law abiding inhabitants. The natural resources in the earth had eyes and ears; with mysterious elements that blessed the land of peace and order.

There were about 30 kingdoms that occupied the mass of the earth. Each in peace and unity with one another. Each void of bloodshed and war; this nuisance was highly abominable and shunned upon. Each kingdom had something that was obvious before the diligent eyes which was to compete for the blessings of the earth; to build a dynasty and legacy of harmonious and peaceful reign. They pursued peace in the like manner of a cheetah's speed.

However, Inhabitants in the kingdom with the most obedient behavior towards the law of their land flourished immensely. The earth made sure to supply them with that richness that was never experienced in the whole earth in any other kingdom. The earth was partial. The earth unlocked and gave them access to rare gold, silver, oil, assorted aquatic and terrestrial creatures for meat and skin, coal, lead, columbites, steel, marble, rock etc.

The natural resources were unlimited and the search to discover the total amount of what the earth naturally blessed them with was with no bound as everyday was a new discovery of new resources they have never seen before. The kingdom's name was even unique. It was called the kingdom of Jupiter.

Many neighboring kingdoms tried to improve the level of obedience in their inhabitants but they just couldn't do it like how Jupiter does theirs. They tried and tried but it just seemed like fate loved Jupiter to be ahead. To dominate the number one position. There were varying traditional diplomatic relationships established in this time to exchange and buy shortages of natural and artificial resources with other kingdoms having abundance at a price.

The king of Jupiter himself had two handsome sons and two beautiful daughters. He was blessed in his reign and in his loins. His wife was a descendant from another kingdom. Their love story was invoked from two stares during a royal visit in the past.

The kingdom of Jupiter had 19 laws with different subscripts of laws underneath each category. There was law catering for different age groups which were the young, the adult and the old but there existed another law; the 20th law which was not in written form or in the knowledge of some of his subjects rather it was in the form of a human. The king himself. As long as he reigned, his authority had the right to tamper with any consequences and the standard of all laws in the land.

After many years of Jupiter's healthy relationships with all kingdoms; the king from the North was fond of paying regular royal visits. Also the visiting king had eyes for the second son of the king of Jupiter; he usually ended his purposeful visit with a joke of wedlock proposal between both kingdom's offspring.

Later on in due time, his one and only daughter came of age and was eager to see in reality the legend and beauty of Jupiter. Since she was a little girl, she's been hearing the intriguing tale and mystical stories of Jupiter told to her by her favorite handmaid; but this time around instead of a story she yearned for a life experience.

Gradually, another eventful day was approaching when the next royal visit will be due in two weeks time. The king of the kingdom of Veris, whose kingdom was in the North was a very good friend to the king of Jupiter. He informed his daughter to prepare ahead towards this special visit to Jupiter. That it was time to change destinies. Finally her wish was granted before she could request a permission for a royal tour.

Moments later the king of Veris ordered all his female servants in his palace to decorate and make his daughter the most beautiful woman in all the lands on that day that her beauty on that day will change the progress and ties of their land forever. At the utterance of this order; the journey to turn a royal joke during so many close door meetings and visitation began to take a slow transformation.

To be continued…

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