The Blood and The City - The End

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Princess Diana was in a dark room alone. As she was separated from Uncle Micheal an hour back. In the middle of the night, she was forced to tell Uncle Micheal what was going on to keep her alert as it was just two of them in the Lion's Den.

The door cracked open and Felix walked in.

"Little niece Diana" he clapped as he walked to Diana sitting on the bed with her legs and hands tied at her back.

"Your father must really be disappointed. You know anytime he spoke of you, he always does with pride". I hope he can watch his tough little Princess from the land of the dead right now. Felix laughed.

Princess Diana's heart was racing "Why did you kill him? Because of the throne?

He could have been passed down to you or your lineage if you were called by the ancestors before my father.

Uncle Felix frowns and laughs out loudly.

So you did not know? He placed his hand on her cheek and she resisted.

"Well, Your father was planning to travel abroad with your mum to sort out the fertility issue your mum developed after your sister's birth. Your father's exact words to me were".

"Felix, the throne is going to have an heir soon. The General told us about a medical procedure named IVF that could make my wife have another child and we can choose the gender".

Felix squat and look Diana straight in her eyes - "Imagine being told those words when you are a Prince with five boys who are suitable heirs for the throne," he said in an angry tone.

I can't imagine, for I am not a jealous psychopath. But what do you plan to do with me? She asked.

"To kill you and tell the people your father's beloved friend, the General did it, that will increase their spirit to fight more, " He said as he brought out a pistol pointing at her head.

The door was fled open distracting Felix as Uncle Micheal bashed in and shot Felix on his right arm making the gun drop from his hand. Princess Diana grabbed the Gun from Uncle Micheal and loosen her legs.

How did you set your hands loose? Uncle Micheal asked Princess Diana. I learned within my short stay with the General she replied smiling.

They both joined hands and tied down Felix. We got to kill him and get out of here.

No, I have this she replied holding the tape. I will play it for everyone to let them know that the military isn't our enemy but he.


Princess Diana was finally at the palace after a successful truce of peace between the army and the city's people. Felix was brought to justice as he was beaten to death by the angry People realizing he killed their King and lure them into a war sacrificing their lives for his selfishness and evil deeds.

She lay in her bed counting the ceilings as she was unable to sleep after the day's event but sooner than later the power of sleep took her away.

She was woken in the morning by her mother and younger sister along with the palace staff a happy birthday song dedicated to her.

The city's people filled the palace in no time but Princess Diana was not happy, her mother noticed her sadness and approached her.

"I know this can't be a Happy welcome to adulthood. But be glad you saved the city and kept your father's honor. You will be the Queen your people need. She said as she kissed her on the forehead and walked away".

Princess Diana was surprised to hear the people want a woman to sit on the throne but nevertheless, she was glad that her people found her worthy enough to rule them.


This is the last part of the series. You can read the part one, two, three and four here.

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following the story for a while. A good ending. Happy to see fiction writers writing their craft here on hive, I also write fiction.

I have been away for quite sometime. Thank you for reading.

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