The Blood and The City - Part Two

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"My Princess!" she heard a voice screaming from behind. She was not ready to listen as she was determined to save the city.

She looked to her right and saw her father's old tortoise car. She took the keys from her pocket. She was still an amateur when it comes to driving and on a normal day won't go driving without a company but today was different. She entered the car and was about revising when Michael, her father's chief security guard who she addressed as Uncle Micheal approached her.

"My Princess, please give me a moment", she stopped the car and she looked at him with a serious face. "I heard your conversation with the Queen, forgive me for eavesdropping. I can't stop you from going out there but please let me be your companion, Let it be a way of me redeeming myself as the guard I ought to be to your father".

"The redemption we need is for this blood bath to end, You can come with me on one condition, Uncle Micheal," She said roaring her eyes.

"You have to promise to listen to me and do my biddings" - she replied.

"Yes, Princess Diana, your wish will be my command" - he replied.

Uncle Mike took the car keys for Diana as he drove to the Palace gate.

Getting to the Palace gate, Princess Diana was awed by what she saw. The city's people were standing at the gate begging for a shield but the Palace gate was highly jammed by the security guards, giving no way for entrance.

"What's going on here?" Princess Diana asked as she stepped from the car demanding an answer from the guards.
"The orders came from the Queen to let no one in", one of the guards at the gate replied.

My mother? She questioned. The Queen's order is to do nothing until we hear from the king's regent, Prince Felix.
Princess Diana was mad at her mum hearing these words, how can a Queen of a big and beautiful city belittle herself that much she thought.

"Get them all into the Palace square" she ordered the guards. The head guard responded, "But my Princess we don't have much food supplies to take care of this multitude".

"The war won't see two more nights" Princess Diana replied to the guard with a stern look. The guard wanted to give more excuses but the look he got from Princess Diana made him keep quiet.

He was surprised by the way the little Princess Diana he knew became tough all of a sudden. The tragic death of her father and war going must really be getting hard on her he thought.

Princess Diana's plan was to meet with the Military's General to make a peaceful submission of truce but her plans were ruined when her vehicle was attacked by the military men. The soldiers shot their car's tyre and in defense, Uncle Micheal took his gun and shot at the soldiers without waiting for Princess Diana's orders, even when she yelled the word, DON'T.

At that moment Princess Diana knew that there was going to be a fight as she brought out her Gun and loosen her sword belt for battle.

To be continued...

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