The Blood and The City - Part Three

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A shot from one of the soldiers came towards Princess Diana, but she was fast to use her sword to shield it away.

As she saw Major Larry walking towards them she gave Uncle Micheal, who was using the car door as a shield the halt sign as she raised her right palm.

Major Larry was the military's General right-hand man, and she knows for her proposed truce of peace to be a success she needs to get to the Major.

Major Larry orders his armies to a ceasefire as he walks towards Princess Diana, "what a pleasant surprise kid.” She hated his guts, men of different social status always refer to her as a Princess but only the Major calls her kid, and on a good day, Diana but today was no good day.

Princess Diana replied standing upright. “I am no kid. I will be an adult 48hours from now. But let that me, I need to see the General”.

Major Larry laughed, "What will the General do with a little kid like you? And being 18 doesn't, stop you from being a kid”

She responded “We are at war Major and the city is being painted with blood every hour unless you don't care about your men dying for I do care about my people. So, I hope you put your age and maturity to use”.

Major Larry felt insulted at her words but saw sense in it. He also wants the war to end as he can't afford to lose more men. He ordered his men to take Diana and Uncle Micheal. All this while Uncle Micheal was calm but hearing the Major ordering his men to take him and Princess Diana he protested that he wouldn't be held hostage to the military.

Princess Diana told him to stay calm and remembered his promise when he offered to accompany her.

An hour later, Princess Diana was in the military's tent she wasn't able to see as she was blindfolded all she could hear was footsteps and voices.

A hand came and loose the blindfold she opened her eyes and saw the General, her hands and legs were also loose by him.

Sorry for the inconvenience, my men were just doing their job he spoke.

Princess Diana opened her mouth as she yawned. It's no inconvenience General, I am fine. You seem tired and hungry. What would you like to eat? He asked if my hungry stomach was my problem, I couldn't have been here, General. A Princess does not leave the Palace just to seek hospitality. You know why I am here General.

To know why you will kill your father? He asked with his eyes stiff.

I may be seen as a kid by your Major, But I am no dumb little girl I know who killed my father, and it's not the military. Waiting for the right time to avenge my father's death. All I desire for now is a truce, a truce of peace.

Who killed... The General was about to make a statement when he was interrupted by a banging at the door.

To be continued...

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It's just now man I've got time to read the three parts. well written man. Swords and Guns nice combination. Also you built a good fictional world to move your story anywhere you wanted.

I also write fictional stories. Just learned some creating a basic plot tips from here.

Fictional world has no boundaries, easier to make a plot and develop on it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Highly appreciate it. :)