The Blood and The City - Part Four

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Princess Diana paid a visit to the king reagent (her Uncle, Felix). Uncle Micheal accompanied her and this time around she made him swear an oath with his life never to be too forward and always wait for her orders unless a situation makes her indisposed.

She remembered the words of the General who encouraged her to be brave and careful. It was a risk going to the enemy's camp, but she can't bring Uncle Felix down and avenge her father's death without taking the risk. Apart from that she just wasn't able to watch the city she loved and her father have always protected all this while being ruled by a murderer who doesn't care about the people without doing anything to stop him.

12 Hours Ago

The General focuses his Gun at the door as banging continues, the intensity of the banging wasn't heard much by the General and Princess Diana because the door was a great percent soundproof. Major Larry's voice was heard calling before the General opened the door.

The Major walked in with a lanky boy of 5'8ft tall.

Major Larry salutes the General, "Sir I caught him trying to escape."

Princess Diana looked at the Lanky boy and recognized him as Eric, her Uncle's personal boy. At that moment she knew the military knew something about her father's death.

The General commanded Eric "Tell her and what you told us."

Eric was shivering and didn't utter a word out of fear, Major Larry whipped him so hard on the back that he let out a cry.
"Leave him," Princess Diana commanded, feeling pissed at the Major.

She stood up and walked to Eric "You are 19 right because the last time I checked you were not that much older than me."

"I am 20 my Princess" he spoke with his voice shaking.

"Good", She held Eric by the jaw "If you don't want your 20th birthday to be the last you celebrate on earth better start talking."

Eric shivered to these words. He wasn't able to recognize the little Diana he played with as kids, he knew better but to talk because the girl standing in front of him was filled with so much fury.

Eric gasped for breath and Princess Diana offered in the glass of water on the table to let him gather some strength to speak.

"I am sorry my Princess, Your Uncle threatened us, I and my elder brother Alex. Your father was driving in his Volvo car in the middle of the night when we hit his car, and he fell into a ditch.

My Princess, I swear we didn't kill the king. Your Uncle did, he came after we hit the car and shot your father trice in his chest."


"Good Day Uncle" Princess Diana greeted Felix as she walked into the living room but instead of being welcomed. Felix ordered his men to grab and imprison her alongside Uncle Micheal.

Diana was mute in the room she and Uncle Micheal were kept, despite pleadings she got from him to explain what's going on.

Her main goal was to get Uncle Felix's words agreeing to murder her father in the tape she hid beneath her gown.

This is the part four of a series. You can read the part one, two, and three here.

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