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Hey hey..How is it going over here. Been awhile I dropped a post and I need to share my current situation with you guys. So the thing is I have never ever done any serious form of exercise before, my first time was the month of April when the pandemic first started. All I was doing was imitating my friends though and nothing serious. I don't really count myself as fat because I am not, under all my clothes, I am a size 8 but recently I have learnt that I need to keep fit. Most especially now that I am open to tasting and eating snacks with high calories.

So on Monday morning I tried jogging round the neighborhood and for the first time I was feeling happy and looking forward to the exercise, anyways I am happy to inform you that I could only jog for 2 minutes and I became tired. I ended up walking but at least I finished my goal on my own time and pace. So later in the evening I was asked to finish it off with some mild ones like jumping jacks, skipping, and lunges.

It was not easy but I did 6 * 10 set of each and a stretch to cap it off. The easiest part is done so I thought until it was time for me to get up after sitting for 20 minutes straight to eat and everything became magical. I couldn't stand and when I could eventually do, I couldn't walk straight. My legs were killing me, my head was banging and my hands were too weak to hold the rail. What a disastrous situation I found myself all because I wanted to keep fit and healthy.


My weakness is that I can't eat healthy, I mean I can't do keto and other healthy nutrition plan but I can watch what I eat like carbs and all. There is no point starting what you do not have the energy to finish nor the funds. Plus pasta and rice won't let me be and Icecream is like my weakness. So I will be concentrating on my little exercise as much as I can but had to sit it out yesterday due to an unexplained pain.

I hope I can stop feeling the next day pain because it is really really difficult to walk, move or sit. I couldn't even stretch my body yesterday due to the excessive pain I was feeling. So I was called upon today to try again and here I am laying down on this chair with all my energy zapped. I cant move and giving up is not an answer but then constant pain is not an answer too.

Enough about me!!! is there a lock-down in your country and how are you adjusting in this pandemic period ? It's been kinda cool for me because university is still open and that gives me something to do and people to see. Plus there has been a lot of mumble jumble about some sort of vaccine with different theories. 666 or a chip, this is like a cross road decision. Till next time, time to sleep.

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you did it wrong ife. Your body wasn't used to hard exercise. you should have started with just a few easy steps. Nad did you do all of these postures in the above pic? damn those are hard i can't imagine doing those😂

village people encouraged me now I am in pain

Sorry baby, we love you

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Thanks alot my baby Bee

Baby steps first. Never say never, you really need to eat healthy if not whatever you are doing would profit little to nothing.

It is said that to stay healthy; lose weight; maintain weight; or add weight, depends on 70% of what you eat and 30% of the activities you carry out.

Without good food, you would keep straining your muscles and improving cardiovascular health without really living healthy.

Kudos for starting out though, that's the greatest step.

Take enough water, good food, workout with the best form, and sleep well.

Whaooooooooooooo this is nice.Thank you for this advice I will start practicing now. I just thought doing the exercise alone should cover it for me