More than a Friend

in The City of Neoxian9 months ago

There are days you are happy to have some certain people in your life and to be able to reach out to them when times are hard. It is a double blessing when this same people will want to go all out for you.
Yesterday was one of those days when the uncertainty of my day already gave me the chills and burdened my heart to the point of sadness. Then I logged into my discord account and it turned around for good till I slept.

Thank you to the best man of them all, the great banker Neoxian, who has in more than one way impacted my life on and off the blockchain from financial to moral values. I can remember some days ago when cornavirus was complaining about how a guy scammed him of some Dec(Dark energy crystal). MD like he is sometimes called told us that we should "never trust anybody, that even he does not trust himeself". This was a great hit in my system and I remember some people who have bestowed there trust on me in one way or another.

In the world of today, it is a priviledge to be loved and favored. As heartless and wicked humans can be, there are some who still belives in the goodness of humanity. I see this everyday with my eyes and deeds done to me by this samaritans.

Just like I woke up sad today and also went to bed happy and to my understanding the turn around happened due to the joy and favor passed unto me by my fellow humans. Also for the best discord channel you can ever belong to. The Neoxian city is still one of the best discord channel one can find in this community. To some its a place of relaxation, to some its a place to earn your keep. For me, it is the place God gave me awesome friends like family. Friends who make my pain theirs, the ones who will go low and high for me. They don't do them like this no more and I am glad I got the best ones before the tide changed.

First I had the best day after @burlarj decided to bestow upon me his winnings which cost $10 plus. And then it went on to this angel in disguise of mine @xawi who does the most behind the scene and doesn't like to take credit for it. Then to @raymondspeaks who light up my life with amazing gifts, help and giveaways. I hope very soon, I will be abe to share how this man single handedly changed my future with his being. You didn't know Ray, I will tell you one day soon.

To @udezee heheh my fighting partner, I cannot even explain this relationship before we kill ourselves with sword, thank you for been an OG who will share his earnings instead of eating it alone.

When you are down and have nobody around you to uplift you, it might lead to depression especially when your heart is heavy with no one to help share it with. So today I am grateful for friends, for partners and colleagues all sum up in one who has in one way or another helped shape my life and support my hustle when the load seems heavy. Thank you to panda aka reaz for his unwavering grace during days when the wallet is dry and a girl needs to shine.

Nobody wins when the family feuds, we all must work together to succeed. Thank yiu guys for last night, I had the best time ever since MD did the bitcoin giveaway. More joyful moment like this I pray amongst us all.

Sending peace and light to everyone.


Te amo familia ❤️❤️

Wait o, md did Bitcoin giveaway? Where was I? I missed Bitcoin giveaway??