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Not too many people take this serious, the world is just getting to realize there is mental disease. We feel everything should be alright with everyone forgetting that we all have a battle we are fighting internally. For a long time myself, I have been ignorant of what mental health is and why people feel its something we need to look out for. Well with the rate of suicide from 2018 till now, it shows how important a mental awareness should be.


Always check on people who are close and but live far away from you, check on those who also stay close too, you never know when a simple hello will turn into a fill blown confession, lie is not rosy for everyone and so is time not good for every man. Spend your time wisely by checking on important people in your life. Some are going through tough time but cant speak about it but with constant attention from you, they will feel the need to share there problem one day.

Physical illness can be seen and noticed, mental illness will do the opposite. The most important cure for mental health is to always think positively, one needs to try harder to overcome negative thought and just because we cant see this thoughts does not mean it cant be real. Let us remind ourselves how we should be mindful of everyone, you never can tell who is fighting an invisible chronic condition.


A smile can hide thousands of hurt, it is the easiest feeling to fake, so to make sure yours is not faked, always take care of your thinking and you will be in charge of your emotions. To you my dear friend, I say today that depression is a beast and suicide is preventable, check on your strong and weak friends, reach out for help, talk to someone, keep fighting those inner demons and never you lose hope. The sun will rise again and with it the rainbows and butterflies.

My friend, you are worth it, your worthy, you are loved, be gentle with yourself because your life matters greatly.


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