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No whale is able to singlehandedly move a proposal that high. And if it gets the work done, well, who cares who takes the cut? The total amount given out is the same anyway, if the dev goes and buys dildos with it I don't care.

Vote when you want it funded, don't vote if you don't. Whales on HIVE are incentivized to have a good blockchain. Politicians in countries are corrupt because they don't give a shit. When you own a bag of 5 million HIVE you naturally give a shit. Making 50$ per day is like change.

The incentives make the game theory not as bad as you think, even though it's not perfect. When the SPS was originally announced I remember you being against it and we also discussed it in the comments.

I honestly hoped you would publish a proposal, I am sure you can do useful things for HIVE.

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