Super Mario Bros. 3 - Koopa Kick Chaos Hack World 2 part 1

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Played through the Mario 3 hack in World 2 now! It is a longer level so broke it into parts. This is the first one! Yea glad I made this game have the messed up element! Finally playing through it! There will be some funny glitches on the next video. It's a randomized game so one never knows what level is coming next! I ended up making it to the end of the level but the airship glitched out. May have to try it again to see if I can get it working. Last time I made videos of this about a year ago I used no game genie codes which made it allot harder. This time I just want to get through it and have fun. Some parts are too crazy to get by without them. I do cheat a bit more to skip a stage on the last segment part 3.

I call it Koopa Kid Chaos 'cause I put in battles with King Koopas Children right in some of the levels!!

Here is the video of the beginning of the bugged out glitched and randomized World 2! I may add some more crazy elements when I get to World 3. Perhaps flying fish in the whole level and making single enemies multiply. That can get real messed up and harder.

I also love to make electronic music!! Would love for people to have a listen. I will put in some Mario 3 glitch sounds and music in an upcoming track!! Happened when I was messing up the game lately.

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