First Post on Neoxian: APPRECIATION TO YOU( POEM)

in hive-177682 •  2 months ago 

Thank you for not giving up on me
Thank you for always being there
Nothing else really mattered at some point

But your compassion kept me going


Thank you for the days you never stayed away
Thank you for the nights you didn't sleep
Thank you for your warm embrace
You really eased the pain and now I'm free

Thank you for the tender touch
Thank you for the tears you cried for me

Thank you for the prayers you rendered
Everything added up for my wellness today

I would have lost my mind if you weren't there
I would have been forgotten but for your care
Everyone else left except you
Thank you for choosing a different place in my life

I was shattered beyond measure
Nobody believed in me again
The tides of life turned against me
But you showed up and everything in me came alive.


Thank you!

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