Income Inequality During Lockdown

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During the lockdown due to Covid-19, most teachers around the world were expected to switch totally into home-based learning.

We proudly declared that our students were still learning even during lockdown.

The demand and need for the use of computer or laptop during the lockdown for students were extremely high.

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We have students who do not have such facility at home so they had to borrow laptops from the school.

We must admit that not every student is fortunate enough to have their own laptop or even getting a loan set when there were too many who needed one.

When this happened, the income disparities may become more obvious.

Many kids may feel extremely sad when their classmates were able to afford their own laptops.

With this in mind, home-based learning is definitely a good way to continue to educate our students but we must make the required facilities like laptop be easily accessible for the lower income families.

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