Monday: Chopped

Monday seriously gave me the chop. All day. The Monday after Easter Sunday a public holiday in South Africa, and since I have a "proper" day job, I had licence to be in my other office: my kitchen. My happy place.

It's a very long time since that has happened for me.

I wasn't entirely happy (on one level) at the end of the day, as you will see.

My Easter Monday included: lime and chillies. Chopped into marmalade and jam, respectively.

Those limes produced the largest pile of seeds, I have ever seen from citrus. Despite my efforts, some still escaped.

Sixteen jars of old fashioned lime marmalade done, chopping was punctuated with a brunch of the last of the hot cross buns.

Then it was on to the chilli jam.

Supper was meat free, as usual for a Monday, and also a burger.

I tried something a little different with that burger. It didn't work and the mix wasn't firm enough. My plan was to make it wheat and egg free and to use up hummus. Next time, I will either change the ratio of hummus and/or add some oats.

That said, a burger on one of my white sourdough buns was an easy supper after chopping (finely) for 3,5kg which felt like the entire day. I thought I might develop a blister at the top of my index finger on my right hand. Thia morning, it's a little sensitive, but no blister!

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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What a busy and productive Monday you had Fiona! Seeing that mound of pips reminds me of our Pomelos (it's not a Lemon, nor an Orange nor a Grapefruit) It has a ton of pips but the most delicious juice, neither bitter, nor overly sour, just slightly sweet! They're getting ripe so I want to see what else I can make with it besides juice.
Those pips must have been good for helping the marmalade set?
I'll have a bottle of each please😉
Have a wonderful week!

I'll swop you for some of those pomelos! On the setting: it showed setting point, but hasn't in the jars. For some reason, sometimes, it takes a couple of days. Otherwise I'll boil it up again. I've done that, before! Annoying, but anyway... lol

I'll take two marmalade, one chili, and as usual, a whole batch of sourdough buns. I'll be there someday. 😂

Whew, that is some kitchen day, though. I chopped just a few things in my mother's kitchen on Sunday for Easter dinner and was reminded how precious a good knife is. I almost worked up a blister using her new-yet-still-not-sharp blade. Perhaps one of these holidays I'll get her a proper one. Side note--my set is as old as my cooking progression, but I worked at a home goods store right out of college and invested in a proper set of knives. Probably the best investment of my early 20's!

I've added those to your regular order! 😂

A good knife is an absolute necessity. As is a good steel for sharpening. Mine got sharpened twice yesterday. I am fortunate to have - when I did trade shows - been able to buy some good ones that are now nearly 20 years old. The Husband is also very good at regularly sharpening the knives using an oil stone. As you probably know, a super-sharp knife is much safer than a blunt one.

Confession time: I never go on a self-catering holiday without taking my knife!! I have two - so names for their manufacturers. One is Big Dick (we also have some Little Dicks) and Thomaas... 🤣 🤐