You Make Me Feel Like Candy (BELOw Remix) - Gwen Hughes

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I was really pleasantly surprised when I've got this message from Gwen Hughes:

In this unsettled time, let's shed a little sunshine on a few fine folks who took the time and answered our call to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube!

We really appreciate the support. If you feel so inclined, you too can support us too:

In the meantime, stay safe and well and loving. Gwen & The Band

Of course, I immediately clicked the link to Gwen's channel and listened to this great and happy tune.

Originally produced by Tomi Purich (Parametrik Studios) in Portoroz, Slovenia. Remix by Ben Lorio (Below Studios), New Orleans, LA. Latin electro-dance. Video production: Gina Palermo (Pro Motion Online).

Words & Music by Gwen Hughes (c. Redwarbler Music/BMI)

Gwen, thank you for being such a wonderful person and artist.

Dear friends, I invite you to subscribe to Gwen's channel too. Welcome and have fun.

Better and better

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