Caricature Queen (Freddie Mercury) in pop art.

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Hi guys, I continued to draw the greats of rock and pop, today I introduce you to one of the greatest voices, whose music is present in my home in all generations, from my parents, me and often my children.

We all love Queen.

I am super satisfied with my finished work, I liked it very much, I hope you like it too.

My programs are always for illustrating, creating and drawing:

MediBang Paint Pro.

Paint Tool Sai

Huion graphics tablet (Usb Pen Tablet).

I started with the hair, then I went on to delineate the face, which is the hardest.

Then I proceeded to perform the delineation of the rest of the body, eyes and mouth, it was very difficult to achieve, I had a high degree of difficulty for me.

I start to give color to the design, with the paint can tool.
From here on, it's my favorite part, the shading and the lights, because it's what gives life to a design and what I have to practice more on.

After finishing the body shading, I process to paint the eyes and mouth and finish this part with the hair shading.
I had a lot of fun in this part, trying to give the clothes some realism. I liked this part a lot. In this section, I make the details of the strap and bracelet, which only apply lights and shadows.

I move my design to the Medibag Paint Pro program and start working with the background, using the typical colors of pop art.
A few details to finish the enhancement, a dialogue leader will help me with the explosion effect.

Finished Work.

I show you my step-by-step with a GIF


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Amiga estos personajes se ven muy bien m gusta como dibujas personas a tu estilo 😍

Gracias Jordan, a este le puse mucho mucho más esmero, es que la musica de Freddie es el himno en casa.

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!

I'm not much of an artist, so I really like seeing the process as well as the finished work! This is really cool! Well done!

nice artwork!

Well done! :)
I love Queen and Freddie! :)

Hey muy bueno el trabajo que hiciste de freddy. Vi la pelicula, muy buena se las recomiendo!