Dosdudes is proud to present 24 hour giveaway/contest of 50 NEOXAG Tokens #39

Dosdudes still in this and back at it with another giveaway. So today start's a New contest and we will be giving away 50 NEOXAG Tokens but the winner will be announced tomorrow

All entries within the 24 hour window will qualify, basically when I go to do the winner's post, the contest has concluded. Possible ending early if I post late one day and early the next. So around 24 hours....

Here are the rules of entry:

Select a number between 1-49, if your number pops up in the video, in the @dosdudes electronic machine, you will win one. Multiple winners if same number is drawn.

No video upload's at the moment but good luck.......

Only 1 Entry per person

@dosdudes has been growing and it thanks to you all for the support, Thank you all and see you on the next giveaway.

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Thank you for stopping by our page and thank you for all your continuous support

God Bless

Strive for the Best.....

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