Winner don't quit and quitters don't win

in The City of Neoxian3 months ago


Life is a race, we all started at the same position[infant] but not everyone will get to the finish line, some will get distracted by wordly things and lose focus, some will face obstacles that will slow them down while others will lose their life in the race of life, no matter what happen, as long a there is life there is hope, those hindered by obstacles can get past it as long as they don't quit....

The journey of a thousand miles start by getting a good shoe, you need to get yourself some basic requirement needed to sail or move faster in this race of life, you need people with the same high spirit to win around you not losers who give up easily... Make friends with achievers, make friends with people that their lifestyle will be a source of inspiration and motivation for you to double your hustle..

If you feel comfortable and relax with what you have achieve in life, you need to check your friends circle, it can either means you have achieved more than them or they have influence you with their lazy lifestyle, that is not the kind of friends you need, you need healthy competitors in your life!


So i have a friend on discord, she is always after my life lol but that is the kinda friend we all need in life, we are both looters and one do not want the others to surpass him/her in looting! if she feels tired of posting and realized am posting and winning giveaway, she will be motivated to post as well lol, from steemit we started the journey and till now we are still in the race and am proud to say we have achieved alot even tho she is using her earnings to build an empire on splinterlands and i am also using mine to build cola empire, what is important is we are both building!

To be a winner, we will encounter so many hurdles on our way to the top, but we must never stop moving, the obstacles we face only make us stronger, no pain no gain!...

I look into the past and realize i have gone far! all thanks to God and the friends in my life...

Keep your friends circle small but strong..

Make friends with people that have the same goal with you, you will move fast by going alone but you will go far by going with same mind friends!