The past

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The past is filled with many memories, some that we want to relive and some we never want to go back to or even let it repeat itself in future, looking into my past i give thanks to God for what he has done for me cos my past was filled with so many flaws, the picture of that guy who was always hungry reflect in my memory, amidst it he was always cheerful and hopeful that someday his story will change for the better...The dreamer boy that has nothing but want to achieve everything, he never let anything stop him amidst all the obstacles and hindrance, he is walking in the path of success steadily......

One thing that scares me more than anything now is going broke, it is never a good thing for someone to not have money to buy things he need/want, i never had it is better than i used to have it, it is now i understand why people who used to be rich but now poor become desperate to become rich again.. This is the reason why we must plan well when we have it so it won't finish right in front of our eyes....

Not everyone is lucky to be born with a silver spoon, but everyone have the chance to change their own story, your destiny is in your hand, forget what the seers says about your destiny, if they say you will be very rich and you fail to work towards it, you will be highly dissappointed..

I was checking facebook last night and a post got my attention, it was my secondary school mate that did wedding, memories of the past flooded me when we were still in school, the young naive us, we never know what life has to offer us, none ever think it is going to be hard to become a man who fend for himself but here we are today, we survived it and still surviving..

Every day my perspective about life change and right now i just want to live my life, spread love to people as far as i can, life is short to worry about the past or the future... Live life as it is and let God take control...



I tell you all the time but you wont listen to me..This is why you need to cancel my debt

Lol, this my post should be a source of motivation for you to pay your debt and even add Jara to it..