A king was born today: Merry christmas famz

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Long time ago in bethlehem
a great child was born
he was called the savior of the world
and he died for our sins so we can live

Every 25th day of december is a day to be remembered
For the savior of the world was born on that day
He lived but for a short while so we can live for evermore
The sacrifice of the messiah

On this special day
The shepherd saw the new shining star right above the sky
They rejoice knowing a king has been born
Mary's boy child was born today

Merry christmax to all my families and friends, it is a great day to celebrate for the one who died for our sins so we can live for ever more was born today.....

Amidst all the happening in this year, we survived it and also able to celebrate the savior birthday, it is not by our doing but by grace, Six days left for a new year, i hope we will all live to see that day.......




Merry Christmas Bro......

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wish you the same boss