Splinterlands - Reaching Champion III was a challenge for me

It has been a while since I wrote an article about my splinterlands journey. In the last one month when I couldn't spend time in front of my laptop, I was able to play splinterlands on my mobile that too not quite often but whenever I found some time. Especially when I'm waiting in the hospital to see a doctor or whenever there is a waiting time, I would just open my browser and start playing a few quests to divert my mind.


Only two days back I found out about this new concept of collection power and how it influences the league level we can reach. I did not know about that earlier. There was a bug in the mobile interface where even after I reached the next level it was showing my rating as a negative value. I refreshed the page multiple times and then went to the splinterlands server to find out what was wrong. They then mentioned this collection power and also specified that the mobile interface hasn't received the update yet.

A few days back I wrote a post about how the user interface got attractive with a few updates. At that time I did not know about this collection power update and the leaderboard which is going to come soon. I'm able to see a few things already on the website but haven't explored so much due to time constraints.

Reached Champion III league

It was initially a big challenge for me to understand why I was unable to reach the Champion III league even though I had enough ratings with me. Then only I read a post from Splinterlands explaining the changes to leagues. By then I was having only 420000 collection power in my account which allowed me to stay only on Diamond I league.

Then yesterday I spent a lot of time going through my cards and trying to purchase lots of cards from the market. I nearly spent over 80,000 DEC to purchase cards from the market to increase my collection power. I also had lots of cards set for sale in the market and just for the sake of increasing the collection power, I even delisted the cards I had set for sale. I also realized that I had to purchase more cards to increase my collection power. I then checked my account and looked for opportunities to upgrade some of the cards and then upgraded a few cards to increase my collection power.


Right now my collection power is over 500000 and I have no dream right now to go beyond this or try to reach the Champion II league which I usually do in the previous seasons. I have made up my mind that for now, Champion III should be sufficient and I would be maintaining the collection power right now till that level. But the above league information says that it is sufficient to reach 500000+ collection power to reach all 3 champion levels.

This has been great news for many people and I'm not sure if this was the reason why DEC price pumped. Unfortunately, I sold lots of DEC before this huge pump but I should say that I did get a little profit from selling my DEC so no hard feelings. I also feel that many people have been continuously purchasing cards from the market in order to increase their collection power to increase their league levels to grab more loot chests.

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