After effects of COVID

It has been almost 25 days since we got our first COVID symptoms and almost 20 days since we were all tested positive. Since then we have been experiencing so many things in our family. For the first 10 days I cared about my health and after that I had bigger things to worry about than my own health. Though I was not the worst affected in the family, we had very bad days in the last 20 days. We couldn't cook at home sometimes we didn't even feel like eating.



Some theories say that COVID goes out of the body or gets settle down in 7 to 10 days. It is either dead in the body or it is washed out of the body. It is believed that people who fight it easily create antibodies that helps in fighting the virus. That too for people who have only limited effect in just thoat, it lasts only for a few days. But the fatigue is always there for months. People who inhale the virus and take it to lungs suffer.

I was diagnozed with around 20 percent lung infection because of the virus and the doctor told me that this shouldn't be a problem and it will automatically settle down. I took a course of medicines and I felt all better. Same happened with my wife as well as mother. In the case of my mother, she was asymptomatic and she did not have any big problems apart from a fever that lasted for over 10 days. We all had that fever as well and we contained it with paracetamol.



Father had to be admitted in the hospital and I have explained about all that in my previous article. In this article I wanted to talk about the after effects of COVID. I initially thought that this would be like a normal flu and when it is all gone, things will be back to normal. But around 3 days back we all got the symptoms again which started with a mild throat infection and cough. I visited the doctor along with my wife to check what this is all about.

Doctor said that it is a post COVID symptom and many people have reported similar symptoms and it wouldn't last longer. She gave us some antibiotics and asked us to take it if required or else it would settle down in another 1 or two days and the same thing happened. We were acutally afraid to go through the same cycle again but fortunately the symptoms did not last longer. When we woke up the next day it was all gone.



The actual after effects of COVID is the fatigue feeling. We all feel very hungry and and we also eat very well but I don't know what happens to all that food that we eat. We still feel very tired and feel like staying in the bed. When I read some articles online and when I spoke to some people who had COVID, they also mentioned the same that it would take more than 1 or 2 months to get back the strength. The other day I also checked my weight in the hospital and I noticed that my weight got reduced by around 5 kgs.

We keep eating healthy foods every day but I don't feel like the strength is improving. I guess it would take over 2 months to get back to normal. Another thing that could be a reason for this is no physical activity. Maybe when the quarantine period is over and when we are allowed to go out, I guess everything should get better. Last week when I went outside for a few hours to discharge my father, I found it very hard to stand on my legs. Hope everything settles down in the coming months.

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Thank you for these interesting information about the after effects. I hope that those will disappear soon.

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