Understanding Decentralization - Defibox as a Case Study

Hello Readers!!!

Here to talk about Decenralization today, using DeFiBox as a Case Study.

For the past couple of months, DeFi(Decentralized Finance) has been around even though Blockchain and Cryptocurrency has preached nothing other than decentralization but so many companies and platform on the Blockchain has been running stuffs in a centralized way.

DeFi came in and everything changed. Defi on EOS Blockchain was brought to live by DeFiBox Foundation. If you really want to understand what decentralization means then you should read how DeFiBox runs.



Every transaction on DeFiBox is completely free from manipulation and can be checked for real, all trading rules are written in code and no one is at the backend to control or make transactions happen.

Accessible to Everyone

On DeFiBox, anybody can at all can create a trading pair, users as long as they have the knowledge of blockchain and how things work can list their token. No special fees are charged for people listing, creating token pairs or providing liquidity.

Community Driven

In DeFiBox, Community have the say, Project is managed by DAO, the community are able to vote for what they want regarding the project growth and make decisions. This means that the development of the project depends on the community and their choices.

Currently, the DeFiBox foundation is only a participant in the project, which means they are not the controller and decisions are not made by them.

According to the team, DeFiBox will be open-source soon for anyone from anywhere to see the codes.

DeFiBox will give you the absolute true Decentralization experience

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Project Activity Update

im asking https://t.me/pNetworkDefi if we can add PNEOXIAN for ethereum and PNEOXIAN for EOS so we can add a real no fee peg of NEOXIAN silver on EOS called PNEOXIAN and add it to defibox

and add the PNEOXIAN erc20 for ethereum onto uniswap!

easy as that! We can self list on both!

@neoxian was worried about last PRACTICE peg which ill have @avral take down off alcor.exchange so we can list the RELIABLE and ISSUE/REDEEMABLE PNEOXIAN you can withdraw back to hive NEOXIAN with 0 fees unlike the@privex gateway

They have a professional site backed by Bitfinex's EOSFINEX crew


It's safe to say that @ackza does not speak for me. Hey you miserable retard, you do not have my authorization or permission to add my token anywhere, and if you do, it is considered counterfeit and not my responsibility.