The First EOS-Value transferrable LP Tokens

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DeFibox launched LP tokens officially.


LP tokens are launched and they represent every users share in the liquidity pool which will also stand as the only proof to withdraw liquidity asset.

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Each pair on DeFibox has a LP token.


  • After adding liquidity, users will obtain the corresponding LP tokens of that pair which is a standard EOS token , which will be transferred freely.

  • Every EOS account with LP tokens will be able to withdraw the corresponding liquidity assets freely and claim the corresponding liquidity mining rewards which is BOX.

  • When a particular EOS account transfer LP tokens to another EOS account, the corresponding right to withdraw liquidity asset and the right to also claim liquidity mining reward will be transferred as well.

  • Application scenario will be launched by the third-party DeFi protocol based on the DeFi LP tokens, this will help revitalize users liquidity assets and obtain more benefits.

  • Defibox cannot judge the security of any third-party DeFi protocol and also cannot prevent third-party DeFi protocol from launching application scenario based on LP tokens. This is why it is advisable for every user to identify the security of third-party and make their decision carefully on whether to transfer LP tokens or not because the right to claim and withdraw would be transferred as well.

DeFi Angle

DeFibox invites developers to develop applications based on LP tokens. There's a funding available to be obtained by developers who are willing to from DeFi Angle

You can read more about DeFi Angle Program Here.

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