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Hello Splinter Warrior!!!

Like I always say, this challenge is always a good way for me to discover new cards. This is not totally a new discovery though because I have the card for this week KOBOLD MINER but it's at level 1 and I can count how many times I use this card since I started playing Splinterlands.

To cut the long story short. I had to level this card to level 3, it's a small mana card which is very suitable for little league battles. These are battle were players can't use cards of more than 4 mana.

About the card

Kobold Miner.png

Kobold Miner is a small mana card from the Fire Splinter family. I never use to be a fan of Fire Deck but I must confess, since the arrival of the blast lord summoner of the Fire splinter Zaku I became a fan.

I enjoy playing Fire Deck so much this days and after my Water and Earth Deck, Fire is my next options.

Kobold Miner is a melee attack card and also has one of the most powerful ability, this ability is so cool in any melee attack monster. Considering the fact that Melee cards can't attack from far except for first roll, every player always love to use a melee card with sneak ability in place of Range because it can attack from the last roll with its sneak ability.

About the battle


Battle Link

Battle was a 21 MANA cap battle and it was quite interesting. This was one of those battle I couldn't predict if I was going to be the winner but my cards made me smile.

The line-up consist of the following cards

  • Living Lava
  • Creeping Ooze
  • Flame Monkey
  • Dwarven Wizard
  • Kobold Miner

There was only 1 rule in this battle and it was the Aim True rules which says Melee and Range always hit their targets


What a nice rules for this battle using Zaku Summoner, this summoner gives all friendly monsters the blast ability and blast does damage to the monster adjacent to the target monster.

Being a Shield Ability fan, I use card with this ability on the first roll in all my deck because cards with Shirld are able to reduce damage from melee and range attack cards, so living lava came first in this battle.

Second card was creeping Ooze with the slow ability, most times I go battle with Ooze because I want it to reduce the speed of enemy monsters.

The Flame monkey at level 5 got the repair ability which restores some armor of the friendly monster that has taken most damage.

Dwarven Wizard was taken along because I don't like going to a battle without one magic attacker at least, dwarven was my best pick with its snipe ability.

Kobold Miner with the sneak ability was a very good pick for this battle because my opponent came with a melee card that has healing ability as last monster in the team. Being a melee card, I placed at the last position because of sneak that allows it to target the last monster on enemy team.

Kobold Miner (1).png

Opponent had Chain Golem and this card had 2 crazy abilities, Shield and Void, the void rendered my magic attacker useless, the blast from my summoner helped to damage cards adjacent to the target monster, the flame monkey kept repairing the armor of my Living Lava and kobold miner attacked cards at the last position.

Battle was a win as I didn't even loose a card, not even the Creeping Ooze. LOL



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Thanks for your Battle Challenge post.

Yes Zaku really sorted you out there!

@tipu curate.

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I really want to get used to using peakd. Maybe I should open it right now.

Thanks for sharing! - @cornavirus

Wow glad that Yodin Zaku changed your views on the fire splinter! The Kobold Miner;s sneak was also really essential to you winning this battle so good job in showing off its ability. Keep on making these great posts!