Reef Finance December Update

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Earlier this month, I became a part of Reef Finance and the month has ended today.

Reef Finance is the fastest growing DeFi Operating system powered by Polkadot. Just within 1 month, this December
Reef Finance has done a lot and I have to commend the team for their efforts in making Reef grow so much within a short period.

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This article will give you the total summary of every important happenings in Reef Finance this month.

Partners with Matic Network


  • This month Reef Fiinance partners with Matic network which is a world of opportunity for developers building Web3 Dapps. This partnership will enable interaction between DeFi application built on Ethereum and Polkadot and this will also help Reef massively scale its DeFi platform.

Reef Integrates with Binance

Reef integrates with Binance to enable fiat gateway and increase liquidity, Binance will give a wide variety of Fiat access to users.

Polkadot DeFi Alliance


Reef joined Polkadot DeFi Alliance which will make Reef engage with the industry’s leading projects on increasing the worldwide adoption of #DeFi. Read more Here

Partnership with DAOFi


DAOfi is a #DEX for Community Tokens which creates incentive opportunities through public token networks. Reef partners with Daofi to empower Reef users to diversify their investment through community token baskets

Reef with Halborn Security


Reef shared that HalbornSecurity, a premier award-winning elite cybersecurity firm, audited the smart contracts for $REEF

Partners with Kylin Network

Reef partners with Kylin Network to access reliable on/off-chain Oracle data on Reef DeFi platform. Kylin cross-chain platform provides trustless data infrastructure for powering DeFi applications on Polkadot.

Reef on Binance Launchpool


Reef got on Binance Launchpool, users can Farm $Reef by Staking BNB, BUSD and DOT tokens, Reef happens to be the first Polkadot project on Binance Launchpool.

Reef Features on Coin Telegraph


Reef got featured on Cointelegraph. Read more here.

Reef on Binance


Reef got listed on Binance, Users can now trade $Reef on Binance with trading pair Reef/USDT and Reef/BTC. See trading link Here and Here.

Reef on Uniswap


Reef got on Uniswap, $320k liquidity added for smooth transaction. See official contract address here

12,000 Telegram Community Members

Reef telegram community reached 12k telegram users this same month. Got on Binance and community is growing fastest.

Reef on Coingecko

Coingecko is the foremost go-to site to find the latest information about Crypto markets, Reef got listed on Coingecko.

These are some important news you might have missed this month.
See Reef Finance Official Website Here or Follow Official Twitter account Here.

See you Next Month and Happy New Year to you.

Have a wonderful 2021 Ahead

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