Matic Network Update Feeds || IGGalaxy Migration from TRON to Matic Network

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Let's call this another episode of Matic Update Feeds!!!

In this episode, I will take you through why IGGalaxy migrated from TRON network to Matic Network.


About IGGalaxy

IGGalaxy is a currently a web platform which will soon be deployed as an application. They serve as a valuable tool to bring key stakeholders within the wider gaming industry and esport together facilitating exchange of value to unlock multi-billion dollar market.

From a business development perspective, IGGalaxy is migrating to Matic Network to be able to tap into Ethereum's thriving ecosystem without going through the main-chain. This will also allow IGGalaxy to achieve the scalability required in a cost effective and user friendly manner.

Matic will be central to the IGGalaxy token economy.

Why IGGalaxy Choose Matic Network

IGGalaxy has seen that both binance and Coinbase has shown great support for Matic Network becoming the largest and leading Layer 2 protocol for fast and scalable transaction. Being a network that give solutions to Ethereum gas fee, congestion crisis and also ensures scalability through side-chain, whilst preserving asset security.

IGGalaxy has chosen Matic Network.

According to them, they built on Matic because of the following reasons:

  • Scalability - Matic provides infinite scalability and IGGalaxy require fast, low-cost and secure transaction for their platform which on average works out 1000+ transactions in a week which will surely increase the speed of rewarding users, only Matic can work best for this.

  • Throughput - IGGalaxy checked on how many transaction Matic could cover during the testnet, which was 7200 TPS, Matic can scale up to miilions of transaction and also seeing that Matic has boast up to 65,000 TPS on a single Matic Chain, they concluded that this is better than on TRON Network.

  • Cost of Transaction - Matic Network provides extremely fast and secure transaction which is a very important part that impacts IGGalaxy decision. It was seen that Matic is the best platform for fastest and lower cost transactions compared to TRON or Ethereum. This will provide a better experience for users on IGGalaxy.

Matic Network remains the best Layer 2 solution which is why platforms that want to interact freely with Ethereum using a Layer-2 solution can't help it but move to Matic.

This is just a brief summary of IGGalaxy Migration to Matic Network.

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