EasyFi Network partners with Halborn - Protocol Infrastructure Audit and Total Security

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Following the security incident on EasyFi Network, there was every need to have a cybersecurity firm for the EasyFi protocol Infrastructure on all three networks where we have EasyFi Network, Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

EasyFi Network has newly partnered with Halborn Security to have them as the official auditor and security advisor for providing all-around security advisory.

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Halborn Security Firm is known for its deep industry experience in Multi-blockchain protocols and cryptographic standards in performing extensive security audits and testing.

What Halborn will do for EasyFi Network

The EasyFi team after the whole security incident has decided that there's a need for multiple areas of improvement in respect to the protocol security and this has been put in place for better security practices to enhance the protocol's future growth. EasyFi has made this collaboration an ongoing one and going to sustain the engagement with Halborn Cybersecurity Firm.

Here are the EasyFi security program working scopes with Halborn;

  • Halborn with their cybersecurity practice will help EasyFi Network with a process-driven security strategy to reduce risks, to be free from cyber attacks.

  • EasyFi has the plan to have security in all its business, Halborn will be responsible for auditing, advising, and validating all the technology.

  • Halborn will handle EasyFi penetration testing by performing deep security inspections to identify critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by adversaries and threat actors in the real world.

  • Halborn will handle EasyFi Smart Contract Audits and Security Testing by conducting it regularly as EasyFi continues to build, grow and expand the protocol with new products and services.

  • Establishing DevSecOps Best Practices, EasyFi has planned to increase its security practice to its technology sphere. Halborn's expertise will handle the advice on automation, infrastructure codes, cloud hosting options, and other best practices for continuous integration and continuous deployment when it is needed.

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With this partnership, EasyFi is upping its Security Strategy and making sure everything stays intact now and for the future.

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