Defibox Officially Releases the On-chain Oracle

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Knowing the true meaning of DeFi and how a decentralized platform should operate, Since DeFibox foundation launched DeFiBOX as the one-stop DeFi application on EOS blockchain, they've been trying all they could to make sure the platform is completely decentralized, they've done this through swapping, governance voting and many more.


This time,
Defibox has officially released the On-Chain Oracle which is another big step towards decentralization.

This was released on the 13th of November, 2020 at 4:00(UTC).

It currently supports swap mining contract to automatically obtain the EOS price for related calculations and very soon, there's a plan for it to support theon-chain price feeding service of USN stable coin contract which is also the stable coin for Defibox.

The oracle contract is Oracle.defi and it has been audited by SlowMist which make it safe for use by anyone.

On Defibox, anyone from anywhere can freely list their token on Defibox Swap and can create a liquidity pool.

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