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The whole big reason behind DeFi(Decentralized Finance) is the ability to have full control over funds and making sure funds are not being controlled by anyone or a centralized body. To have a total decentralized DeFi platform which everyone can be part of without any hesitation then there's need to make everything open and free for anyone to come into.


DeFi Protocol of DeFiBOX did exactly this.
It has been made very open for individuals, organizations, dApp users, contract developers or anyone at all to come into without any threshold or special formalities.


This is an automated market-making protocol on DeFiBOx which is fully decentralized and readily available to users for swapping coins/tokens from one to the other without a third party interference. There's a constant product algorithm which makes it possible for this protocol to provide real-time swap prices and also, users are not only allowed to swap their tokens but also free to create a swap market or join an already created or existing one to become a market maker which supplies liquidity in the swap market.


Becoming a market-maker on DeFiBOX isn't free, all market-makers earns from transaction fees paid by all users of DeFiBOx but this is only based on the liquidity ratio provided by them to the market.

USN Stable Coin

Just like every good organization should set aside something that would serve as risk control/management mechanism. DeFiBOX got USN Stable Coin, a staking stable coin based on EOS Blockchain. This is originally owned by Dancor Project but will be a sub-project of DeFiBOX.


USN meets various financial needs most especially obtaining floating capital and leveraged trading. USN is pegged to the US Dollars at 1:1 ratio, serving as a risk control mechanism on DeFiBOX.

Aside the two protocols mentioned above. DeFiBOX has got a pending protocol for the future which is Decentralized Lending and Synthetic Assets. This development rolling out in the future will make a complete DeFi Protocol Matrix.

The above listed and explained are the DeFi Protocols of DeFiBOX.
Up next is the token release on DeFiBOX.



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