Meme challenge #193 Entry #1 Some Rules of investment sports & Life

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The Rule of investment

When it comes to rules of investment I believe in doing my own research and when it comes to putting my money I am a believer of

Buy low sell high

This is my motto and I try to adhere to it
I also believe in do the research and when it comes to research

Do the research and put money later

It is good to do your research before putting money in a project rather than researching afterwords.

Investment needs practice

So much like sports investment needs practice to get a understanding of the market and the assets we deal in.

Play a sport regularly

Play a competitive sport is the best way to keep fit and mentally agile.
Regularity matters so keep playing and getting better at your sport trade investment and life.


Including a short narrative with your meme is great. :)

I said to myself Memes are great and let me see if I can get an audience with and and you being here...
Looks like I succeeded
otherwise it becomes difficult to know who came or read my post /meme
This way it seems a bit better