Meme Challenge #217

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Hello memechallengers
Thanks @fibra59 for the memechallenge contest!
It nice to participate but it’s great to win! :)

Congrats to last week winners:

Entry #1

DAizi9Y - Imgur2.jpg

Entry #2
DAizi9Y - Imgur3.jpg

DAizi9Y - Imgur1.jpg




Thanks dear..
!GIPHY thanks

Why only the last two candles went out lol. Dude @rodrook don't you find it strange, will there be any logical explanation?

Yes, they could be trick candler, I have used them my self :). But I routinely see where the birthday person have to blow several times to get all the candles, yes it’s strange...🙂

@rodrook I hadn't evaluated it from this perspective, but it certainly may be a simple trick.

If you want to trade flags friend, I am up for that. The reason I flagged your comments are that you self-voted them. Should I comment with a few words and give myself a $5 vote? Try spreading your vote, people will think better of you.

look in the chess community, I vote for every post...
also I vote for many post,just take a look.

I don't have any problem with you, it's just that you came up on a report of one of the worse-self voters. I see you are already rage powering down, there's no need. I am not on a crusade to destroy you. Work with us, not against us.

Looks like you are doing good stuff, but many think that self-voting comments is not on. With the way curation works you can make almost as much voting for others. Need to spread the rewards.

Have fun.

Thanks for your positive comment. I am successfully retired with many family and friends and the twenty or thirty cents down voted mean absolutely nothing to me, of course it the principle!

It is absolutely ridiculous to down vote a fifteen cent post or comment and very hypocritical if you have a hundred dollar post from a voting trail and big auto votes from whales.

Hive will become successful more quickly if the majority management come from code.

In this case people I know were trying to do good, but may have got carried away. If you saw the amount of abuse that goes on you would empathise. There is no 'management' and so it is up to the community to deal with it. I have done so for years with my stake.

Keep doing good stuff.

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