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New year, new me is often the motto that people revert to at the beginning of January. I'm not feeling that vibe this time around so I will go with new year, same old me.

The only real difference is that after a very busy December in both life and work is that it's time to get back to good habits. When life gets busy it is hard to fit everything in that one wants to and so decisions have to be made.

In this case that meant a lot less time online and a lot more time dealing with work and my relationships. The most important things right now.
As much as I love writing and love the crypto work it will always come second to the real thing.

There are many important things in life and money is way down the list in my opinion. I love money and having enough to live is vital but it will never be at the top compared to friends and family. Everything else has to follow that. Money will come and go but it can't buy good people in your life.

Hookers, yes. Friends, no.

I won't lie and say that's it's not exciting to see such green markets right now after three barren years but if you spend all your time checking prices then you will miss other things happening right in front of your face.

The good thing is that Xmas is over and with January a quiet month all around there is much more time to get back to the things that I love doing when I can. Writing, blogging, researching, learning and doing crypto stuff.

My new blockchain college course is starting in just two weeks so hoping that i can integrate some of that into my writing and kill two birds with one stone. What better way to learn about blockchain and business than share my course with a large, diverse, knowledgeable and interesting group of users on hive and probably leo?

I might have less time for doing much else when that kicks off as between working full time and trying to get a degree in the evenings my schedule might get fairly full again very fast.

Until then i will make the most of having some spare time and keep posting where i can.

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I'm starting to slow down a bit with crypto things too as you're right, with all the lockdowns and things going on, spending precious time with people vs chasing a bit of crypto - it should be clear what the priority is.

I'm looking to branch out in my real life career or at least get that train wreck back on track. As much as I have had a lot of fun being here, my last scheduled post is tomorrow and I'll be slowly slipping into the shadows, occasionally popping back to see how friends are getting on.

All the best with your ventures mate 💪

It's good that you have a plan of attack and change can be good. I'll do a bit of selling on the way up but hope to keep growing on hive with my free time. I enjoy it way too much to step too far back.

My main thing for this bull run is to take some decent profits, I was way too new last time around and left it all behind me. This time I am taking small profits all the way up to be safe.

Then have the fun here talking about all of it.

Yeah man, definitely try to make some gains, we've earned it over the last few years! It is good fun yeah, posting every day can be challenging, have tried it myself but happy enough to comment and vote on stuff now when I pop on!

Here's to a profitable 2021 🍻