Overdue Chilling, and HackaSweat

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So today I finally got to go visit my grieving friend. We mostly just remained seated with some debates in between, sprinkled with strong opinions and laughters.

There were also beers, but somehow no one touched them, we all just drank water. Weird. Personally I didn't feel like getting tipsy even though it's been like 2 months now and I think I miss the feeling but, I don't know. I shall be returning some time this week, maybe we'll know by then.

My Pic.

Hopefully it won't be as cold as it was today though. My neighborhood is cold right now but where we were was something else, and it didn't help that it's high on a hill with a lot of vegetation in the area. Made for a great view though.

But back to the cold. When I say it's cold it's relative to the types of weather the East African region usually deals with, not that of the northern hemisphere.

Yup, as of the time of writing this the temperature is 16°C here. I'm actually shivering knowing very well some countries see negative degrees regularly. Fair to say I wasn't made to live through winters, not one bit.


Let's backtrack for a bit, back to a time when reality set in, about 10 hours ago.

I've definitely let myself go a bit too much during the lockdown. Reality hit me like a wrecking ball as I was buttoning up my shirt. Maybe that's why I'd been mostly just wearing large-ish T-shirts since it ended, maybe I just didn't feel like facing reality yet. lol

But damn, my once lightning fast metabolism trying to flip on it's master. I know it's inevitable, that there's nothing we can do about it but still, it saddens me. Oh well. Nothing I can do about the metabolism, but what I can do though is pick up my mini weights again and get to sweating! This week going to be a sore one.

I won't be doing videos of me doing the workouts but I will be posting before and after pics of my progress at least once week for a month, maybe two. Every now and then I might talk briefly about the exercises I was doing on that day but for the most part it's the basics.

Lots of squats(include any type of squat I can think of at that moment), lots of deadlifts with my mini weights and push-ups until my body has gotten used to it, and then lots of push-ups. After that I'll get more creative by incorporating exercises found on the channel ATHLEAN-X on youtube.

By the way that's a plug. The channel has numerous intense but quick home workouts that don't need equipment. And the best part is, it has exercises that hit every muscle group.

Hehehe this is going to be a tough week and month for sure, but hopefully I'll be able to progress rather fast as this isn't my first rodeo and most likely won't be my last.

But until then, I hope y'all are staying healthy and exercising whenever you can!



this is going to be a tough week and month for sure

Make sure you welcome the challenges comes in your way

That's the plan!