Figuring out Way to Contest Shilling

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Today is one of those days when the clock has hit 10:30 pm and I'm staring at a blank screen with nothing to write about in mind.

I could talk about my day as uneventful as it was. I Woke up, lingered in bed for a bit then made my way to the kitchen to make myself breakfast and ate it while reporting for battles in splinterlands.

I took that to opportunity crash my daily quest. I was given the Death splinter so you know it was over with quickly.

Nothing too special from there. In the afternoon I chilled a bit with 2 visitors who are guests in the guest house and then we went to a tiny bar in the neighborhood to crack a few cold ones(I had four.) and eat some brochettes.

Oldish Pic, My Oic, Brochettes

Brochettes look like kebabs but they're so much more. It's actually one of our delicacies that's coveted by all,. Rare are people who don't become addicted after they had a taste, I happen to be one of the addicts. Maybe one of these days I'll write a post as a tribute to our beloved brochettes. Would be like the fourth time I blog about them on steem/hive, I did say they're addictive.

After the pub we went back home but before that I went to my neighbor who usually hooks me up with series and movies.

Among what I brought home, I started a mystery/fantasy/horror series that's based on Stephen King's story titled "The Outsider." I've taken a break for now, but even after just 3 episodes I'm already hooked, and I don't even really like the horror genre. It's more suspense if you ask me though.

And here we are now, post dinner and the screen is starting to see some life. Leeway to that elusive 500 words mark is being made and the eye lids are getting heavier by the minute.

So what to say, what to say? Oh, I guess now is as good a time as any to go back to splinterlands as a subject matter. So yesterday I entered my Monday's 500s in clove71's contest which she runs weekly.

Feel free to join in on the fun every now and then by the way, you never know what you might win. What did I win I hear you ask? Well, I won an Untamed booster pack courtesy of clove71. I didn't get anything particularly exciting so I didn't bother screenshoting the aftermath but you get the gist.


Still on the splinterlands train and more specifically, Splinterlands related contests, yesterday I came across a contest ran by inertia in which a GFL is up for grabs. The one and only rule is;

The very last person to upvote this post gets the card! Rather simple and just as tricky. I shall partake, wish me luck or better yet, come join in on the incoming gold rush.

Also, for the last few weeks I'd been seeing a splinterlands contest by the bdcommunity which I still hadn't checked out, but was always curious about. Specially since it has a Harry Potter reference in it. It's called Quidditch Year # and there's 50 Hives up for grabs.

The topic this week is to talk about your spl story. How it started and your best season. Interesting isn't it? I think so too and I shall be partaking there too.




These are the days its most important to write your 500 words. The ones where you have to fight through to the end to get a post out. @splinterlands is always a handy go to for anybody playing the game and I'm always interested to see how people are doing on it. What rewards or wins they have had.

I meant to check out the quidditch contest so thanks for the reminder. If I get time i will try to get into it.

Hi @ange.nkuru,

This is marvyinnovations here.

I found the beginning of your 500 words rather interesting. After the initial struggle, your Splinterlands came to your rescue, well and good.

I loved reading your post. Very Nice.

Enjoyed it very much.

"Well, I won an Untamed booster pack courtesy of clove71."

Let me congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for winning this booster pack. I am sure that this Booster would have boosted your mind! Isn't it?

"Still on the splinterlands train and more specifically, Splinterlands related contests, yesterday I came across a contest ran by inertia in which a GFL is up for grabs. "

This Splinterlands is tempting me and watering my mind very much. Can you please tell me as to how to make a entry into Splinterlands? Wanna try my luck!

Thank you for this great post, Buddy.