Dying Phone, Here We go Again

in 500 Words a day6 months ago

Well this sucks. Looks like my phone is about to kick the bucket, again, for the fourth time in 3 months to be exact. Yup, that bad. For 2 years my phone and I had been so close we were practically joined by the hip. But then came the incident whose aim was to mess up a good thing.

It all started with a thunder strike that somehow found a way to destabilize the socket in my room. In doing so, it made something in my phone go haywire and unable to be charged. It was hectic, the lockdown being extra severe at the time, meant no one could move freely unless going to run essential errands, to the hospital, well you get the gist as I'm sure you also have had to endure it.

Anyways, suffices to say I was bound for boredom, so much so that back then I had written a poem for my dead now undead and soon to be dead again phone. Crap!

Now I have to worry about fixing it again. The time it I got it fixed, the same issue bounced back after 3-5 days. The second time it took about 2 weeks for the issue to reappear if I recall, and the third time it came back after about a week or so. Since then it had been functioning and charging properly for 2 months and I had convinced myself it was repaired for good. I was wrong.

My pic.

And now it's starting all over again. I don't mean to be negative or jinx it but, at this point I know the signs all too well.

In the first stage the phone will keep switching between charging and normal at tremendous speed when it's plugged. In the next stage it will indicate that's it's charging while it's battery % stays the same for dozens of minutes, sometimes even an hour plus and then all of a sudden will charge on it's own time.(This is where we are now.)

In the next and final stage the phone doesn't even bother lying. The battery level won't change no matter how long you'll leave the phone on the charger. I suggest you enjoy however much battery you have once the third stage starts because you won't be getting any more .

It all usually happens so fast. The first stage started yesterday, now I'm already on the second and I don't know when the third will start. Sometimes it's immediate, sometimes you have 1-3 days, whatever the case it sucks.

Man I'm getting tired of this rodeo but I guess for the next while I'm a slave to it. Nothing to do be done but hope that the third stage will be delayed for as long as possible.

And that's what I'm doing now, hoping, though prepared for the inevitable. Sighs. Sadly, that means I probably will be missing sometimes. Not able to post my 500, missing the big happenings on our chains as they happen, and not getting the opportunity to earn as much as crystals while playing splinterlands. Smh

Oh well, nothing we can about that. Until then I'll keep going to the splinterlands website to get in as many battles as I can, in an attempt to reach the Champion I. I'm currently in Champion II. 150 loot chests, wait for me!!