An Outbidded Auction and Meet and Drinks

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So about the reverse auction contest. I lost. The last few minutes until the post's payout were so intense.

That intensity was only magnified by the fact that the post's payout indicated by the countdown on peakd and the one provided by were one minute apart, plus I was still kind of tipsy so you know that deciding which countdown to follow was quite the process.

What did I do you ask? I upvoted using peakd's countdown when only 3-8 seconds give or 2 seconds were left, it's not an exact science.

The tipsy hamster in my brain being overworked, I then unvoted and then re-upvoted the post using's metrics when more or less 17 seconds were left. I actually almost redid the process, again. Yes I kind of lost it for a bit there.

Anyways, a smart man would contact @eirik to ask for pointers and take notes on how to win these reverse auctions. Wait, did I mention there's actually another one already running? If you missed the first one you can try your luck and hand eye coordination this time around. And oh, congrats again eirik!

Anywho, onto my day. The day started out normally. You know, no breakfast just straight to brunch, an unhealthy amount of coffee and then onto the online classes. When having lunch, I went to town since I knew that in 2 to 3 hours I'd be meeting some friends and that more likely than not, alcohol would get involved.

On Path to meet and drinks.

Both friends are classmates of mine. One I'd met a few times since the era of lockdowns started and the other I hadn't met even once, mostly because he lives kind of far, really far actually. Try in a whole other region, it takes him 2 hours by public bus to reach the university.

So yeah, some catching up was overdue. We went to a medium size bar, nothing fancy, actually the cheaper the better. Once we were settled in we grabbed ourselves four 250 ml whiskey bottles, enough to get us tipsy but not all the way roudy. Some munchies were also in order, pun intended. As I do, I chose fries and 2 brochettes with a lot of spices and pepper sprinkled on top.

Good times! We didn't kick it for too long though, the friend who doesn't live close had to start preparing for departure, and we all knew that one more drink on top of the dope music that was playing could have tempted us to extend our stay.

At that point it would have become a never ending cycle, you know how it goes. So yeah, around 6pm we all agreed it was about that time to call it a day and go home. The chilling session was fun and overdue.

On my way back home you know I had to make a quick stop at my neighbor/tvshowplug's house to see if he had something new in his collection that might interest me.

He had this new Netflix series called "The New Legends of Monkey." I haven't started it but my best guess it's another take on the Japanese myth revolving around Sun Wukong and his adventures. So far I've seen many takes on this myth with the likes of Dragon Ball and many others but as lover of myths in general, I wouldn't mind another take on it. This should be interesting, we shall wait and see.



I was looking at that reverse auction and put in a vote with a couple of hours to go in the hope that everybody else forgot about it. There as no way that i would be able to keep up with last minute bids if there were actual people following along. Hard luck that you didn't get the card but there must be some sort of trick to it. Seeing exactly when the post was minted and trying a second before that payout. You can probably read the block explorer to get a more accurate time on it.

Hard luck that you didn't get the card but there must be some sort of trick to it.

Most probably, and I guess this time I'll follow just one countdown.

Hard luck that you didn't get the card but there must be some sort of trick to it.

Hmmmm interesting. Do you have a specific tool in mind or just