Under a pyramid sun

in Game Development2 months ago

In these last days I feel a bit confused when I turn on the game and see where should I go next, how to move foward the world building. It's something common to me, happen all the time when I do labour, creative or not maybe. A brief thought pass through the mind, I'm fooling my self to play somekind of god? I shake it away, it's the procrastination horn shouting with wit to lay low. So be it, let's have some fun and be productive then...silent...come a voice. Well then keep playing in god pond pretending to be just like him. A bell ring with dooming nihilism. Origin of boredom originate this fight from the ancient caves of time here in the present mind. I shrug em off, but it takes energy.
And this days I simply don't have it and I prefer to wonder on all the irrelevant things that logic and evolution will turn around. Has it to be this way? A loving and enriching future call me there.


And wondered in a misty afternoon, drawing and sketching charachters and how they come to be this way

                                                The sad


                                                The happy       


I feel there's much more but this is what the first eye contact give me to feel, maybe in the future I'll learn to be more then this binary. My inner code suggest me so and it works so well. I stepped out of it for a split second and snapped right back in. Oh please just a second to peak the othersides!

No the so so fine code said.

Well then, off to bed.

Have a goodday!A crazy one if you need so :D


That is in part why I worked out a roadmap for myself. I don't need to wonder so much of what I am going to work on next if I don't want to as I just go to the next item on my roadmap.

Yeah roadmap is a wise thing, especially for gamedev. I used to make Scavenger and the plan went nice, but I'm not totally happy with how it turned out. The problem there was in the concept though not in following a Roadmap.