To the MoonCheese

in Game Development2 months ago

Hello everybody!

I added finally some sounds for the engine of the pineapple ship, now it feels better but I'm not sure this will be the final version of the sound. Sound design is really not easy to give an object it appropriate sound given a function.


This is a little showcase that the pineapple ship NOP 8 can easily reach the Moon, what will be able to achive with a trained astronaut?

I'm keep going the development on GMS 2 for now as I really like it's native pixel editor and I know it's functions better then other engines. I'm following tutorials and messing around in Godot and Unity but it will take a while before I can make something at all. For now I've been pretty happy to fool around with some Voxels and 3d landscape, really want to look in a simple looking 3d game.


Well for now have a good day, astronauts!



Ty, still so early tough and rough >.<