SeedCopter - Making interactive platforms

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I worked on this new kind of platform, a flying seed with some small propelling leaves under it that keep the plant floating. If you headbutt him from under, right in the propeller it transform into a normal and common seed that can be picked up.

When you try to plant it back though he don't want to be buried so instead it will fly back just above your head.

It can actually become a very useful movable platform for reaching high places.

Here's a bit of code, it was really easy to make nothing sophisticated here but for now is working really well and I didn't find it bugging out anywhere



Plus I have under a persisten global controller object stored the gloval variable set to 0 at the start of the game.

A little showcase

Then I have been pondering on the camera and how far it is. I tried to make it change so that when you are flying on the Pineship you get a wider view making the ride more enjoyable and able to see at greater distances the path meanwhile swapping to a closer one when boarding off.

This is my unsucceseful attempt, I will problavly swap from the built in cameras of GMS 2 to ones made to the ground up able to scale and zoom better, well at all 😂

Any help is very welcome Hivers(even some shaming my code sucks 😄😅)


Well then have a goooday!


What a fun idea!

My coding skills suck so nothing out of me from that point hehe.

Mine neither, I'm just reassembling other's code to new way 😂 I should put some quotation

Or scale the world you put all the art in? Should be some sort of container? Never used gm so just guessing :)

hmmm I don't know how this could be worked. Gms use this system where you can draw sprites and save them and a different one for the tiles

So I don't know how scaling all the assets could work having objects, sprites and tiles in separent places 🤔

Yes probably thats the best way but I dont know if its gonna work for zooming/having a wider camera. Probably needs some more tinkering, ty :)