Of Bulls and Bears

in Game Development2 months ago


New little game inspired by this crazy market days

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I start this project as a series of minigames based on the eternal fight beetwen the bulls and bears, I felt so stuck today cause I'm so bad at trading but always loved to look at graphs, value of things and markets so I had this prototype I made a bit of time ago and wrapped in a game.

For now it's just one level, I'll keep adding them and maybe if I switch it to Unity make it availeble on Github for others to add their minigames on the theme.


The promise is pretty easy, the faceoff will bring the Bulls or the Bear to prevail, one will win and will take to a different level based on the position, Bearish or Bullish it may be!


Most of the work today has been on the music, I wanted to improvise and feel the candles adding while the song progresses, switching scale from minor to major and then back again to simulate the time of fights and the stale markets

Here's the menu page, it feels patriotic but that wasn't intended ahah, well it's a work in progress so it maybe change in the future


I hope you and enjoy and have a nice weekend end! :D