Astromice to the moon - [some noon pixelart]

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"Their curiosity took em out in the space, was in their belly and love for strong harsh flavours above all? Did it matter?"

Just playing around with some small animations and for now they look like clones I want to make a diverse space team for them curios astromicerats.

Still thmay be.inking on how their spacecraft.
They may have discovered a special trick to make wood with crystal like features to be able to pierce the stratosphere, that still in this world is kinda thin.

Let's get to the cheese and not overthink too much πŸ§€



Look em floating up in the sky!

Have a nice day!🐭

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They sure love their cheese.

a drive of them. It's quite sometimes I'm thinking about this mice society that broke the spacefrontier, I have made some lore too ahah