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Items were something I wanted to work on a little over time. For a while, I worked on a couple of items at a time to keep myself from being creativity drained from trying to do too many at once. That habit however did not last. This brings me to this week as I started to work on what my newer zones would be dropping one day. Along with setting up the creatures AI, animation, and other stuff.

The loot concept behind each zone at least for now is each one has a certain type of armor drop for the player to be able to target farm. At some point, I’ll be backfilling them with lower common items that have increase stats as commons from lower level zones.

Each set range of zone levels also has crafting materials. These won’t be so much zone target farmable as they will just be a range of zone they can drop in. Such materials are for potion crafting along with armor enhancements among other things.

This is all subject to change. Still quite an early system with a lot of things I need to work out. Along with a lot of playtesting and readjusting stats and drop chance once everything gets imported in.

Zone 16: The Fallen

The Fallen.png

Levels: 31 – 32
Item Rarity: Rare
Main zone drops: belts, boots, and shoulders
Creatures: Frost Giant, Giant Assassin, Giant Infantry, Giant Warrior
Worldbuilding posts: The Fallen

Zone 17: The Tower

The Tower.png

Levels :33 -34
Item Rarity: Rare
Main zone drops: bracers, and cloaks
Creatures: Frost Giant, Goblin, Greater Spider, and Guard
Worldbuilding post: The Tower

Zone 18: Eternal River

Eternal River.png

Levels: 35-36
Main zone drops: gloves, and helmets
Creatures: Mushroom Warrior, Mushroom Assassin, Mushroom Sage, Blood Sucker
Worldbuilding post: Eternal River

Zone 19: Nightmare Oasis

Nightmare Oasis.png

Levels 37-39
Item Rarity: Rare
Main zone drops: necklace, pants, rings, and chests
Creatures: Warrior Worm, Giant Infiltrator Worm, and Giant Blaze Worm, Blood Sucker
Worldbuilding post: Nightmare Oasis

Zone 20: Arena Trial 4

Arena Trial 4.png

Level: 40
Item Rarity: Epic
The main zone drops: 3 different item sets suited for a strength, dexterity, or intelligence stat wearer.
Boss: Slither The Fallen
Worldbuilding post: Arena Trial

Zone 21: Temple of Minotaur

Temple of minotaur c.png

Levels: 41-42
Item Rarity: Epic
Main zone drops: belts, boots, and shoulders
Creatures: Minotaur Infiltrator, Minotaur Officer, and Minotaur Warrior
Worldbuilding post: Temple Of Minotaur

Zone 22: Overgrowth


Levels: 43-44
Item Rarity: Epic
Main zone drops: bracers, and cloaks
Creatures: Giant Worm Trapper, Howling Wolves, and Mushroom Assassin
Worldbuilding post: Overgrowth

Zone 23: The Great Divided

The Great Divided.png

Levels: 45-46
Item Rarity: Epic
Main zone drops: gloves, and helmets
Creatures: Goblin Thief, Infantry, Nights Watchman, Old Troll, retired guard, Wolf Assassin
Worldbuilding post: The Great Divide

Zone 24: Dragon’s Lair

Dragon's Lair.png

Levels: 47-49
Item Rarity: Epic
Main zone drops: necklace, pants, rings, and chests
Creatures: Inferno Dragon, Jungle Dragon, Sea Dragon, Swamp Dragon
Worldbuilding post: Dragon’s Lair

Zone 25: Arena Trial 5

arena trial 5.png

Level: 50
Item Rarity: Epic
Main zone drops: 3 different item sets suited for a strength, dexterity, or intelligence stat wearer.
Boss: Night Terror
Worldbuilding post: Arena Trial

The lack of creature diversity is also something I had a feeling it would run into with 25 zones. Everything I’m using is from Unreal, Unreal Store, or Humble Bundle purchases. While Unreal is having a 50% off massive sale that ends today that is not quite enough time for me to come up with enough funds or do enough research on the different items in the store.


I had some quite funny and ugly fails as always while I was working on animation blueprints, blend spaces, and state machines among other things setting creatures up. In the screenshot above I imported the wrong material. For now, I’ve kept this mistake in-game as this creature roams around in quite darkly lit caves making it even scarier. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it like that or not.

Some of the items i worked on.png

In total, I worked on 106 items over the past week. Each item for now has 42 different columns to hold the different valuables I have for items. For such things as name, description, rarity, gold its worth to a vendor, health, damage types, resistance types, and so on.

The massive 7k icons I purchased in a Humble Bundle a while back are coming in quite handy. I still have a lot of items to work on in further goals for expanding zone loot out. I think it’s safe to say I’ll now be on the lower end of 1k items instead of up to 2k items like I was thinking when I first started this project.

Final Thoughts

Mushroom assassin blueprint.png

Not everything is perfect and I expect over the long run I’ll be making some changing to things. For now, still getting as much as I can get done. I’m quite far ahead of my schedule now which is good as I have some things I was not planning for coming up that will take my attention elsewhere for a bit.

At some point, I’ll need to go back over things and make some massive improvements and polish them all up. That is what I’m expecting to take quite a lot of time. I’m still in what feels like the early stage where everything needs something before I can start connecting things together and do proper testing. Some days it feels like you are pulling a thread in a shirt and the whole thing wants to come undone.

Still so much to learn and do.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Unreal Engine 4.

Game roadmap.


Nice work, so much content created already :)

Yep. Might slow down a bit on that end.

Have a great weekend.

Wow! This is awesome, Enjar! You are really banging away at it! Which one is your favorite and why?

The Great Divide.

I really love this screenshot of it looking across the bridge. This is the view another faction in the zone has that lives in a network of caves has when they look though any openings.

I can see where that would be cool. I'm all about the visuals!

You really work it!! I do enjoy dropping in to see what you are working on!

Might be fewer updates moving forward.

With all the main worldbuilding now done. A lot left is going be coding, working on insane amount of items, and a bunch of other things. Not as fun to write about and areas I need to improve a lot on. So I feel like a noob posting about them hehe.

I have quite a lot to learn as well.

I came across you on twitter, and loved these visuals so much I tracked you down over here! Very inspiring artwork. Thank you for sharing.

I would love write an orchestral cinematic score for this game. I do music and sound design for video games and wanted to check if you have decided who to work with in this capacity. It seemed to me this may be about the right point in your process to start incorporating audio assets. Have I got that right?

If you have a chance, please check my portfolio at
I would be happy to use any of my clients as references. I make sure to maintain good relationships. Thanks for you thoughts and consideration. Feel free to hit me up @NeonDolphinPro on Twitter. Keep up the great work!

While I appreciate the hustle and go-get attitude. I’m already set on background music and sound for this project. There is also not much of a budget to speak of.

Perhaps in future projects, if I have some success I’ll be on the lookout for some talent to help add to the player experience and emotion that music can bring to a game.

You could always try making a post in the game development community here and seeing if anyone is interested. If you are not aware PeakD is just one of many frontends that use the Hive blockchain for a wide range of things. Such as blogging to playing games.

Hive can be quite a busy place with a lot of people developing games, dapps, and sharing personal experiences. They are just not always easy to find as many keep quite until it's time to release.

Blockchain gaming is going to be quite the industry once it takes off more for game developers, gamers, and the many talents that it requires to make a game. Cryptocurrency alone could have quite a profound impact on the gaming and music industry for copyright management with NFTs. It should be some exciting times ahead.


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Thanks very much for your thoughtful response. You certainly have my interest peakd :) I look forward to poking around here some more to see what it's all about. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and for your kind words.