Shy bike ride and short market view

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I just finished a 3.596km cycling that lasted about 1hh:8mm:3ss !


I know, what a poor sporting activity today ... I have been about to not publish it but, in the end I do, at least I can keep up with the pace of average number of posts, lately limited to one a day.
Today I have not been able to go running in any way, I had a very tight schedule with some meetings, delivery of work and phone calls added to the constant family obligations.
Luckily, this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. I had a medical appointment to determine if I have something on my left knee that, by the way, no longer bothers me... That's why, I decided to go to the doctor's office by bicycle and so a to do little crosstraining, even if it is a tiny distance ...
I will not talk about the crypto market today, I will only tell you that I am 100% BULLISH and that I see BITCOIN closer to 48,000 USD than 20,000 USD according to the following plan:


Keep on running!

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Finally someone with a clear view on BTC... So tired of all these bulls turning bears... I had knee problems as well when I was working as a postman. Gelatin helps joints.

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I am not the only one for sure

It's already moving.

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He tardado pero me he extrenado por fin en la... como se llame el otro blog 😅