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I just finished a 11.291km running that lasted about 1hh:6mm:48ss !


The weather has been really variable this week with high winds, rain and maybe even some snow. This morning was not too bad and much warmer than it has been. I feel that made my run harder work.

For a change I decided to head north towards Langford, but I was not sure if I would go all the way there. The climb up to the big bridge over the railway felt like hard work, but then it was downhill to join the track up past Champney's. I took the track towards Langford, but wondered if it would be flooded as it has been before. It was actually totally clear and not too muddy, so I kept going. I saw a crested grebe and some swans on the lake and lots of grey geese in a field.

So I did go to Langford and then started taking the road back towards Henlow. I did divert into the woods for a bit. I really need to explore that area more. Back in Henlow I went back over the river to re-join the track I started on. I did the loop around the fishing lakes and there were lots of anglers there. Some Canada geese wandering around. It was all less muddy than I expected.

I crossed the railway on the footbridge and headed home, taking a diversion through the churchyard.

I did find this run hard and had a few walks. Maybe it was the warmer weather as I took a good while to cool down afterwards. I am back down to about 25km/week. My next run should take me over 500km for the year, which is a little behind what I hoped for, but I am keen to find the quantity and quality of running that I can sustain rather than going all out for distance and pace.

Run free and stay well.
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good on you, I am still in my dressing gown!

I picture you with a fez, smoking a pipe as you peruse the Sunday paper.

!BEER fez alas

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Running is overrated 😄

Many things are. Luckily few are compulsory :)