Morning Run - Sun dance

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I just finished a 11.564km running that lasted about 1hh:4mm:23ss !


The weather has been very variable this week, but I got up to a nice bright morning. It is slightly warmer than my last run. I decided to do my usual long run in reverse for some variety. You tend to notice different things doing that and it makes you aware of where the hills are. With all the rain we have had there is a lot of standing water in fields, so I stayed on the paths.

Heading to Stotfold I had the low sun in my eyes. I saw quite a few runners out today, including one guy I know. I went all around the new estate before heading up the long hill to Fairfield. That was hard work.

I took some different roads through Fairfield. I did hit one dead end, but then it all looks much the same and I was not sure if there would be a way through. Coming down the hill of West Drive was nice. I passed a lady who was walking, but then she came zooming past me before walking again. We each have our own workouts.

My pace was up and down a bit, but an average of 5:34/km is not bad. I got two second fastest personal segments. I was looking at some of those and could see that others had done them today too. A couple of ladies were quicker than me, but as an old guy I would expect that. I was not going flat out anyway. I was happy with my run. Will get back to some speed work in the coming week.

For some reason my Garmin watch is not recording heart rate today. It did prompt me for an update as I set off, but I will do that later. Need to see if that fixes it. The lights are on anyway.

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It is nice to have the sun in your face while running :)

!gif sun sun sun

I didn't get much exercise at all this weekend. Sunday morning I woke up at 4 in the morning with a massive cramp in my calf. It stayed for probably a solid two hours and still aches today. I have tried stretching it out, but I was a bit concerned about how my workout would go this morning. I was able to push through with little issue.

Cramp can be horrible. I get it at night sometimes, but not so much recently. Take it steady with those muscles.


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