Morning Run - Lap, dog

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I just finished a 6.055km running that lasted about 0hh:33mm:53ss !


My Sunday run was a bit cool, but yesterday morning was much colder with a good frost first thing. I was happy enough to not be running, but my son went for a run. He shows no signs of wanting to run with me. Today it was mild again, which suits me fine.

I was doing 30-20-10 intervals, which is doing that many seconds of jog, run and sprint. You repeat that cycle five times before a two minute breather and then do it all again two more times. That tests your body by varying the load. The cardio-vascular system has to keep adjusting and that should make it more efficient. That is the theory anyway.

I was having to dodge school kids as usual. A lot of them cycle or ride scooters on the footpath. Where possible I cross the road to avoid them. I did a couple of laps of Church End where it is fairly quiet. I still had to work around some dog walkers. One large dog showed an interest in me, but no harm done.

I could possibly have pushed a little harder on the sprints, but when running in this environment there is a lot to look out for. People are going to work and may not look as they pull out of the driveway.

I was tiring by the last couple of reps and quite happy to just jog home. I was going to take a footpath through the trees, but there was some sort of work going on in there and it was fenced off, so I had to follow the High Street. We do not get a huge amount of traffic.

My podcast listening was No Guitar Is Safe that was paying tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Presenter Jude Gold is a huge fan.

Run free and stay well.


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I really need to listen to some more podcasts. I just need to find the time. My drive in to work and home would probably be a great opportunity, but I really can't stand listening to people talk in the morning, so there is that :) We had a really hard frost this morning. I had to warm the truck up a little before we could leave for work.

I love podcasts. I used to get through loads on my long commute as I got bored with the radio, but I've mostly been listening when I run lately. I don't mind running when it's cold, but have to be careful if it's slippery.

Podcasts save me while running :P I mostly listen to crypto podcasts. That's the time I am most concentrated on what I am listening to.

I have a mix of tech, science, music and comedy. I need to get away from crypto some of the time :)

A newbie's attitude. I want to know everything on crypto out there :)

There you go again running well good

Cheers. It's what I do :)


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